IIRH - Rua António Champalimaud, Lt1 -1600-546 Lisboa
217 101 198

Workshop by Wall Street English Business


15h00 – 16h30

English That Performs
How far can English take your Business?

  • A brief history of English Language Learning.
  • How Wall Street English Flipped the Way in Which We Learn.
  • Why English Will Make your Company more Profitable, Your Employees Happier and More Productive.
  • What WSE Portugal Business Can Do to Make This A Reality For You, Your Teams and Your Company.
  • When and Where WSE Can Impact Your Business.
Mathew Leaper
National Service Manager do Wall Street English Business
Cristina Robalo WSE
Cristina Robalo
Quality Manager do Wall Street English Business
Mário Xavier
Business Director do Wall Street English Business
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